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Who We Are

Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc. is a Houston based energy management, procurement, and consulting services firm, focused on improving Client business performance through a diverse offering of energy management solutions.  Quantum Gas was formed in 2000 with a principal business focus of producer services and downstream nomination and scheduling services for marketers/aggregators primarily involved in Retail/Choice programs across the nation. Quantum utilizes its expertise to serve natural gas and electricity Clients in key deregulated states throughout the country. 

What We Do

Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc. specializes in providing energy management solutions and energy services to natural gas producers, natural gas retail aggregators and marketers, commercial and industrial Clients, retail electric providers, utilities, pipelines, etc. throughout the United States and Canada. Acting as agent for its Clients, Quantum manages the entire energy stream from production and generation to consumption including but not limited to energy usage/consumption reporting and assessments, energy procurement, risk management strategies and implementation, transportation and storage optimization/arbitration, operational, market, and regulatory intelligence, energy analyses and audits, contract and bill review, etc. This practical, real time, hands on day to day experience also enables Quantum to provide in the market, value added consulting services to ESCOs, REPs, producers, marketers, commercial and industrial customers.

When To Use

Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc. constantly monitors the marketplace and those regulatory, technical, and fundamental factors that can affect its Clients’ energy needs. Because Quantum provides natural gas and electricity services on a daily basis the information is not only relevant but it’s also real-time. Energy issues can be and are very confusing, especially if it’s not something one contends with everyday. Whenever an energy issue arises, whatever the issue may be, when energy matters, Quantum is ready willing and able to assist.

Where We Can Help

Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc. provides energy expertise and consulting services which are not geographically limited. Quantum’s primary focus is in the continental United States and Canada in those areas where deregulation has provided the largest opportunities for cost savings and control.

How We Can Help

Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc.recognizes that each client is unique and in order to address each client's needs, Quantum employs a multi-step process to deliver practical and cost-effective energy cost management solutions to its clients. The process begins with an in-depth analysis of the client's current energy position then followed by a needs assessment and a good understanding of the client's short and long term goals in conjunction with Quantum's views of the market as we jointly develop this strategy. Once approved, Quantum moves toward implementation and ongoing support for the successful management of costs. Finally, tracking and reporting is provided not only as a means of detailing the measurable results of the strategy but also for budget and forecasting. 

Why Contact Us?

Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc.’s core competency revolves around the energy commodity – with staff devoted solely to the energy matters of Quantum’s Clients. This focus allows for efficient and effective analyses, appropriate recommendations and implementation thereby capitalizing on any cost reduction/optimization in a much more expedient manner. This approach also allows the Clients the ability to be proactive vs. reactive as energy issues arise. Using Quantum enables its Clients to have the resources of a well staffed, full time energy management department at a fraction of the cost. Quantum is available 24/7 to help manage Client energy issues.

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