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I hereby designate Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc., acting through its managers, officers, or employees, my agent (Agent) with limited power of attorney and authority to (a) access my account with each retail electric provider (REP) with whom I have an account; (b) obtain copies of my energy usage information from my current or previous REP or utilities; (c) communicate with one or more REP(s) on my behalf; (d) select and enter into one or more agreements with REP(s) on my behalf for retail electric service, including new and renewal service; (e) switch my retail electric service from one REP to another REP on my behalf; and (f) take such other actions as may be reasonably required to carry out the foregoing acts.

My Agent has the power and authority to act on my behalf and to do and perform every act necessary and proper to carry out the activities described above, as fully as I could do personally, including the right to request and receive confidential information. I acknowledge that use of the named Agent does not relieve me of responsibility to pay my bills with any REP and further acknowledge that I am ultimately responsible for the accuracy of any information provided to REPs on my behalf by my Agent.

I agree that Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc. may act under this Agency Authorization and Limited Power of Attorney until I revoke it in writing at any time by sending an email to, and I acknowledge that revocation is not effective until
Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc.receives such written notice.

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