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These services are tailored for those companies who have chosen to outsource operations required to efficiently manage electricity balancing and deliveries within various ISOs in key deregulated markets. 
Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc. provides services ranging from short term power forecasting, scheduling, position management, risk management, transaction management and all tasks in between. The Quantum Staff is available on a 24/7 basis to ensure timely and precise delivery of electricity and penalty avoidance.
Acting as Procurement Agent on behalf of its Clients
• Quantum performs these functions for ESCOs who are involved primarily in energy sales to customers under CHOICE programs
​• Quantum does not take title to the commodity but does act as Procurement Agent on behalf of its Clients  

Operational Electricity Support Services for many ISOs 
Operational Electricity Support Services include:
• Manage procurement or sales as agent
• Short term forecasting, scheduling and balancing on the ISO(s)

• Daily monitoring of energy consumption and deliveries and assisting in the development of load profiles
 • Energy purchasing strategy development including risk and price management recommendations
 • Position reporting, risk and transaction management functionality 
 • Review, approve, and reconcile invoices for volume and rate accuracy
 • RPS (renewable energy portfolio standard) REC portfolio management

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