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Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc.
Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc.

Map of the United States displaying where some of Quantum's Clients are located. 

These clients utilize the following services offered by

Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc.:


Energy Management/Energy procurement/Energy Consulting

Natural Gas Operations 


Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc. Map of Clients

Client Bill of Rights

We believe that clients have the right to expect the following:

  Quantum is competent in the specific field.
  Quantum will make every attempt to identify the client's real problem.
  Quantum will always specify its role in the client's project or assignment.
  Quantum will adapt to the individuality of its client's problems.
  Quantum will make recommendations that are feasible.
  Quantum will at all times avoid a conflict of interest.
  Quantum will never deceive its client.
  Quantum will never fail to perform agreed upon services.
  Quantum will never be negligent.
  Quantum will always inform its client of the risks of any undertaking.
  Quantum will always inform its client of its basic approach to the problem.
  Quantum will always present its fee clearly.
  Quantum will maintain confidentiality with regard to client's business.
  Quantum will always work to the best of its ability to insure the quick success of its client's project.

Client Bill of Rights
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