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Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc. is a fee-based organization providing its Clients with objective customer focused services. Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc. is completely unbiased in our recommendations for our clients since Quantum does not have a commodity supply affiliate.

Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc.’s staff makes the company uniquely qualified to handle all of our Client's needs involving day-to-day operations and information exchange in both the natural gas and electricity energy markets. 

Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc.'s mission is to provide continuous value added products and services to a diverse group of energy consumers. Quantum does this by recognizing the needs and understanding the business of its Clients. 

Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc.’s success is predicated on providing cost effective, timely and relevant information to its Clients with the highest level of service and integrity.

Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc.’s goal is to reach a level of confidence, trust and understanding between staff and Clients, to allow these Clients to focus on their core business with security in the knowledge that energy professionals are working in their best interests.

The Quantum staff is personally dedicated to its Clients and recognizes that the success of its Clients determines the success of Quantum.

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