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Our services are tailored to the specific needs of ESCOs, producers, commercial and industrial users, consultants and others involved in the many facets of the operational, legal, administrative, and accounting aspects of the energy industry. Our services are provided either on an hourly basis or on a project basis and can include instructional classes designed to add value.

Consulting services include expert testimony, due diligence for M&A activities, development and enhancement of marketing strategies, detailed analyses of new markets, ESCO/REP startups, and many other energy related projects.


Examples include:

1. Purchasing/Contracting:


     • Energy purchasing strategy development

     • Request for proposals (RFPs) preparation and oversight

     • Identify and evaluate alternate supply arrangements

     • Contract negotiations with a goal of reducing Client energy costs

     • Negotiate procurement contracts, including load aggregation for new and existing facilities

     • Negotiate gas transportation, storage terms and charges


2. Analysis:

     • Energy usage analyses (energy audits)

     • Assist Clients in efficiently managing energy needs

     • Develop comparative energy price studies for negotiation strategies and plant location optimization

     • Prepare economic evaluations of energy assets

     • Evaluate open access tariffs for transmission and ancillary services

     • Conduct load flow studies


     • Provide contract/rate review & interpretation

     • Develop transportation and storage rate designs


     • Site status coordination, site performance bench-marking

3. Tracking/Reporting:

     • Price (Budget) forecasting

     • Management of daily energy consumption

4. Billing & Payment:

     • Utility invoice auditing & tariff review

     • Invoice processing

     • Bill payment

5. Historical Audits:

     • Tariff and/or Price reconciliation

     • Consumption reconciliation

     • Tax reconciliation

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