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Why should you consider adding green natural gas to  your sales portfolio?  Recent surveys have shown there is grown concern by consumers regarding their carbon footprint and increased interest in lessoning individual impact on the environment.  By working with Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc. you can offer them an opportunity to help by adding carbon offsets to your current natural gas products.

There are two ways to manage your carbon offset portfolio:

Quantum managed

  • After consulting with the client about which type of offset credits are desired, Quantum then procures the carbon credits from a trader on behalf of the client and warehouses them in a verified registry

  • The client provides its green customers' actual usage and Quantum will retire the corresponding credits monthly and submit a report to the client that showcases the total customer usage and carbon credits retired 

Quantum managed and Green-E certified

  • The initial carbon credit offset process is the same as described above but requires more intensive operations

  • The primary difference is the client will be required to pay Green-E certification fees and submit required annual audits of its marketing compliance and third-party verifications to Green-E to maintain its certification.  Quantum will manage the complete process on the client's behalf


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