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Quantum is a fee based organization whose job is to ensure objectivity, price transparency, efficient operational services and “in the market” expertise with no hidden agendas. Quantum represents the Clients’ best interest.   


Quantum concentrates on procurement and operational issues; understanding the rules and regulations of utilities in a continually changing deregulated marketplace; providing knowledge and information about the marketplace and “market players”, all for the benefit of the Client.


Quantum's goal as an energy manager is to build a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship.  Quantum is not a “sign and go” type of organization. While Suppliers work to make a sale and Brokers work to make a commission, Quantum works to build a relationship. Quantum is the missing piece to an effective energy cost management solution.

Quantum, through its services provided to both Clients and Suppliers, achieves pricing structures closer to wholesale versus retail, ensuring additional savings for its Clients while providing a better return to the Supplier by removing several layers of transactions.

Quantum strives to become an extension of the Client’s staff by:


• Pre-approving and pre-qualifying Suppliers and supply contracts

• Developing a short list of value-added Suppliers for specific Client usage profiles

• Minimizing time spent searching for a Supplier, developing an RFP, negotiating contract terms, overseeing Supplier performance, etc.

• Reviewing and approving all bills prior to Client payments, thereby avoiding over/under billings and unnecessary reconciliations

• Being in the market daily, Quantum is able to provide up to date and timely responses – this is our business!   

• Providing savings statements and continuously monitoring the market for additional savings opportunities (new service offerings, forward market movements, etc.)

Quantum strives to become an extension of the Supplier’s staff by:

• Implementing and utilizing templates to input raw usage data into an acceptable and usable format for Suppliers to enhance turnaround time on request for proposals 

• Reducing Supplier and Client interface and negotiation time, Quantum does all the necessary legwork and spends the time required to “educate” the Client thereby expediting transaction time  

• Freeing up Supplier time to concentrate on other new business opportunities

• Acting as an indirect sales channel

•Providing objective feedback to Supplier(s) enabling Supplier(s) to maintain their competitiveness, and allowing Suppliers to confidently access new markets

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