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Utility Deregulation:

What does deregulation mean to me?

Deregulation means choice.  You are now able to choose who you purchase your natural gas or electricity from.  Before deregulation,  you were forced to buy your energy from the local utility company; the rates were regulated; and you had no control over pricing. Today not only can you choose from a number of independent third party providers but various pricing options are more plentiful. 

Service:   Will my service be cutoff if I switch? 

No.  The local distribution company (LDC) is still responsible for delivering the commodity to your facility.  Even if the third party suppliers (TPS) fail to deliver its supply, the LDC will ensure that your service goes uninterrupted. TPSs face stiff penalties and/or censure for failing to deliver so it is in their best interest to deliver what they promised.  The only time you risk having your service cutoff is in the event of nonpayment of your bills.

How does Quantum help manage my energy costs?  

Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc.'s energy management services can save you money by ensuring that your company is signed up with the best value added provider in your area.  We obtain competitive quotes and put them on an apples to apples comparison so that you know what your real price/cost of service will be. We also review historical and current bills to make sure that you are getting billed at the correct rates.  In many instances Quantum has been able to correct past billing issues while at the same time saving Clients money on a go forward basis.   

Why outsource my energy management?   

Our core competencies are energy related so by outsourcing your energy management needs you get an experienced, knowledgeable, and dependable company working as your energy department at a fraction of the cost to do it yourself.  Quantum works with you to tailor its services to exactly fit your needs whether it’s a one-time analysis or a long-term agreement that includes consultations on an as needed basis.  Energy is all we do.

What are the advantages of using Quantum?  

Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc. serves each Client with reliable detailed information on a continuous basis that enables the Client to make an informed decision in their best interest. Quantum works with highly qualified, reputable suppliers to provide hassle free service to the Client. Quantum’s knowledge and experience ensures the Client is receiving dependable information. Quantum handles the extensive research necessary to make an informed energy decision, while the client saves time and money.

Where are Quantum's services offered?   

Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc.’s services are generally applicable to the 48 contiguous states as well as in Canada, but energy is global and as such our services are not limited by geography.

What else can Quantum do for me?  

Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc. provides a full range of energy services. Operating as a boutique energy consulting firm allows us the flexibility to meet your energy needs, whatever and wherever they may be. Quantum's core business involves the procurement of natural gas & electricity and the scheduling of natural gas on behalf of our Clients. This, coupled with our expansive energy management service offerings allows Quantum to handle all of your energy needs. CONTACT US TODAY to see how we can serve you.

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