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As electricity began to deregulate in numerous key states across the country, it became a natural progression for Quantum Gas & Power Services, Inc. to begin offering its services in this arena as well. After all, many of our natural gas clients are either consumers or retailers of electricity too. Quantum closely monitors the electric market nationwide and provides relevant information to its clientèle.

In addition to providing energy bill and use audits, procurement and energy cost management services to commercial and industrial clients, Quantum has also provided expert consultative services to retail electric providers regarding all facets of retail electricity in Texas. Quantum has developed relationships with over a dozen REPs in Texas providing its clients with ample competitive options. 

Quantum's Free Rate Analysis includes:

• Historical cost per kilowatt hour

• Total electricity cost for the past 12 months

• Total kilowatt-hours used by your facilities

• Competitive offers for a lower electricity rate

If you are interested in managing your energy costs and have meters in the ERCOT footprint in Texas, please print and fill out the authorization form below and fax to 281-664-2028. With an executed authorization form, the appropriate utility (ies) will release key historical usage and other indicative information to Quantum which is necessary to provide firm pricing and comparative rate/savings analyses. 

If you have facilities in areas other than Texas, please contact Quantum to explore the available electricity options in the different regions of the United States.


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